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Meet Jimi Vaughn

One of the most trusted names in Diversity & Inclusion and Organizational Development strategy.

Jimi Vaughn is a passionate and charismatic disrupter whose transformative approach to challenging biases creates high-performing teams and thriving organizations.  Growing up in Ferguson, Missouri, Jimi’s personal experiences drive him to be a catalyst for change by bridging the gaps that divide people by race, gender, socioeconomic status and differing abilities. 

A trained professional in Human Resource Development, Jimi has over a decade of experience working for top global brands in the entertainment industry where he leads company-wide D&I strategy.  He believes in the ethical responsibility of every decision maker to create an environment where true meritocracy can exist, and to afford opportunities for all by breaking down barriers that unintentionally limit people based on their identity. 

Jimi has been featured on national broadcasts such as KISS-FM for his work as President of the Board of Directors, Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles.